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^The Seresto® dog collar controls fleas for up to 8 months and ticks (paralysis ticks, brown tick and bush tick) for 4 months.1,2 Brown dog tick control is not affected by bathing, swimming or shampooing.1,2 Always use a soap-free shampoo. The effect of shampooing or exposure to water on the efficacy of the collar against paralysis tick and bush tick has not been established. Shampooing or frequent exposure to water (e.g. swimming, bathing) can accelerate the depletion of imidacloprid and may reduce the period of efficacy against fleas.1,2 References: 1. Seresto® for Dogs and Puppies Product Label. 2. Stanneck D, et al. Parasit Vectors 2012;5:102.

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I have never had a flea problem before. Where are my pets picking up fleas?

What are the benefits of Seresto®?

How does Seresto® work?

Is Seresto® water–resistant?

What if my small dog gets trapped while wearing a Seresto® collar?

What is the expiration date for Seresto®?

When can I bathe my dog after application of Seresto® for dogs?

How often can I allow my dog to swim when using Seresto® for dogs?

How often can I bathe my dog when using Seresto® for dogs?

How do I store and dispose of Seresto®?

How to Apply Seresto® on dogs


How to Apply Seresto® on Dogs

Learn how to apply Seresto® to your dog for up to 8 months protection against fleas and 4 months control of ticks.

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Applying Seresto® is simple – and takes just a few minutes.


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